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            Add:Nanpu Industrial Area,JunHe Road 
            JunAn town ,Shunde,Foshan, China

            Tel:86-757-25578620  86-757-25578320


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            Established in 1991 in Jun an Town, Shunde District, Foshan city,Guangdong,PRC.
            Specialized in design and manufacturing of small home appliances.
            One of the most experienced manufacturer of home appliances in China.

            Factory Capacity:
            Employee: 400person
            Turnover: USD 20 million (2017)
            Production line: 6 production lines
            Capacity: 3.0 million pcs annually
            Totally production area: 50,000 sqm
            Tooling factory
            Hi Precise CNC machineries
            Wire-cutting machineries
            EDM machineries
            plus about 50 skilled craftsmen enable us to produce plastic molds and stamping tooling in house.
            Injection Factory
            60 sets of injection machines (from 80T min. ~ 450T max.)
            All plastic parts can be produced in house.
            For bakelite and die-casting part, can be done by sub-contractor nearby.
            R&D and Industrial Design
            30 mechanical engineers 3D/ProE.
            1 electronic engineers.
            1 Patent engineer for patent application and patent infringement verification.
            2 industrial designers are able to do both product design or graphic design work with 3D software – Rhino,3D max and photoshop etc.