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             ?、瘢篖ong lifespan (about tens of thousands to hundred thousands hours working time). Someone even said automobile only needs one change during it's consuming time, if all halogen and xenon headlights are replaced by LED headlights.
             ?、颍篧ith characteristics of high efficiency and low energy, LED emerges red, amber light what automobiles need directly instead of color filter. About more than 80% energy resources  can be used fully.
             ?、螅篐igh lumen, environment production goods, no radiation.
             ?、簦篖ED with structural stability, crack resistance and resistance to shock is covered by epoxy resin LED.
             ?、酰篞uick light on(nanosecond).
             ?、觯築e accustomed to work under voltage, very suitable for automobiles using.
             ?、鳎篖ED with small body is so easy to change lamp model that diversifies automobiles. It's got a high reputation around the world.